Unleashed Live 2017

"I got a pretty good friend who’s seen me at my worse, he can’t decide if I’m a blessing or a curse."   

That is a line by the late, great Guy Clark which is a great example of the kind of plain spoken brilliance that got us all into this racket to begin with.  The possibility of doing something beautiful even when they are putting the chairs up and the gig was shit. That is the difference between classical and country music, and more specifically, the beer joint poetry that is just so damn inspiring that has come out of Texas over the years.

Just got home from Steamboat Music Fest where Colorado is taken over for a weekend by thousands of drunken Texans just looking for a great song and a good time, and not giving a flying fart whether it is on the radio or not.  Every now and then you see these things that make you stop and say “this doesn’t happen just anywhere, and it is all about the music!”

That is the scene that embraced Charlie, Jack ingram, and I all those years ago.  We are so lucky to be friends and have this shared history,  getting together to do a show really is like family,  good and bad.  It was a special time when we ended up on the same label together and did a tour. Almost 20 years ago.

To look back on that music really makes me proud, we did a live record as well, called Unleashed Live.  As we get together to do a couple shows to celebrate those years and our friendship, I spoke with Jack and Charlie about what they remembered (or didn’t) and a lot of what they had to say really surprised me.  Hope you will check it out and here is a playlist of some of my favorites from that era (pretty strong stuff!) much of which we will be playing together in Dallas and Houston, Feb 17 and 18.  Ya’ll should come out and watch my big shit eatin grin as I’m playin along with Charlie and Jack’s songs. Here’s to the old days,  I guess we aree are still in em’!  

See you in Houston, See you in Dallas! See you around.


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Dallas (Feb 17)

Houston (Feb 18)

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CCSC #5 - Interview: Jack Ingram, Bruce & Charlie Robison