Walking Among Heroes: An Update

He scares the shit out of me!
— Bruce Robison on working with hero Jerry Jeff Walker

It can be an intimidating thing not only to meet but also work with someone you've looked up to for the majority of your life. Surely filled with admiration, self-doubt, and excitement as they sat down to talk about some of the most iconic songs and moments in American music, Bruce handled working with his hero like the pro he is. Casually discussing the opening lines of Mr. Bojangles, the perfect storm that caused the incredible success of Viva Terlingua, and the personal moments of settling down in Texas, Jerry Jeff Walker lit up the room with his unimaginable tale leaving everyone deep in thought as the session came to a close.

As production begins to ramp up and the launch date grows near, it can almost feel like a dream to have legends, friends, and up-and-comers alike stopping by the studio one by one to tell their story. Once just an idea to tell the story of country music has now become the reality of being on the brink of sharing the songs and videos that have brought it to life.

For those who are just joining the story now, it's been about a year's work in progress to reach this point. The progression of the studio and the idea could almost be a full length feature in itself from inception to construction to tough days troubleshooting the original equipment from the 70s to finding the perfect team and musicians to convincing artists to take a chance with us on this crazy idea. But here we are now, and we can't be more excited to get to the "share these mind-blowing stories and heartfelt songs with the world" phase. We're on a mission to create an online platform that truly represents the sense of tradition, family, and community of country music that we all know and love through great people, great songs, and great stories, and we'd be honored if you'd join us for the ride in celebrating this music and culture. 

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Written by Lauren Trahan